getting started

Nice! thanks for trying and don't forget to send the mailing list an email if you get stuck!

Currently we have tested the system to work on Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu.

We require gcc7 or greater.

It is a fully compliant CMake project. If you know CMake you can skip this part.

git clone

# Install smf deps

# this is a work in progress, and very soon will be
# removed. Most dependencies are now built by cmake
# and built from source to provide consistent link & build flags

# We have a wrapper script to build the project
# try -h for more advanced usage!
# -r == release
./tools/ -r

Please drop us a line and tell us what you are using smf for.

Sample programs:


# Run on one core (-c 1)! change --ip and --port as needed
./build/release/demo_apps/cpp/demo_server -c 1 


# Run on one core (-c 1)! change --ip and --port as needed
./build/release/demo_apps/cpp/demo_client -c 1 


Alternatively, you can use Dockerfile, enter cd tools/local_development, and then:

docker build -t smf . 

To run a shell inside the docker:

docker run -it smf /usr/bin/bash

Note: This re-clones the repo inside the Docker image from the master tag. It does not use the current local copy. The base image is fedora27